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How To Buy/Sell BTC and Other Cryptocurrencies Using eBay Gift Card

eBay is one of the largest online retailers, boasting over 300 million unique products and 15 million active users. With it’s ever-increasing popularity, eBay has begun to offer gift cards through its site – but how do they work? Some consumers like to use eBay gift cards. It is a great way to give someone an online shopping experience that they might not have had before. The recipient can then search for the final product they want, and purchase it with their card. This gives the recipient more time to find what they are looking for, without having to worry about being limited by what you’re buying them. Although, you can’t directly buy BTC using this eBay Gift Card at the moment, we have explained an indirect method. If you want to buy BTC with eBay Gift Card, you can do so by buying cryptocurrency from some P2P market such as Paxful.

buy btc using ebay gift card

Step 1:

First of all, you need to create an account on Paxful. The account creation process is pretty simple. All you need is to signup using your email address and a new password.

Step 2:

Verify your account by using your ID card or Passport. This is a good step that is required to reduce spam and scams. Verifying your ID doesn’t take much time, the process is automated so it’s completed in a few minutes for most of the cases.

Step 3:

After creating and verifying the account, you need to buy BTC using eBay Gift Card. For that, you need to click on “Buy” button and on the next screen:

Select cryptocurrency as BTC
Select Payment Method as eBay Gift Card
Select your currency and input amount you want to invest
Click on Find offers

buy btc with ebay gift card
Note: The price shown here is not the current price of BTC; as this image was taken at the time of writing this article, for current price, please click the Paxful banner above or any paxful link on this page.

Now you’ll be able to see a lot of offers, it’s time to find the best offer and click on buy.

A chatroom will be opened for you where you can trade with the seller. Important Tip: You can chat a little with the seller to confirm if he is online, then ask for their payment account details. You can send the money and click on the “Paid” button. This will ensure Paxful that you have paid the seller. Now you need to wait for a few seconds or minutes until the seller verifies the payment. After verification, the seller will instruct Paxful to release your BTC. In the next instant, BTC will be available in your Paxful wallet. That’s all…

Precautions: Always use the Escrow system and never buy BTC if a buyer /seller says that he will send directly to your wallet without using the escrow of Paxful or any other P2P exchanges. This is because many people commit scams using this technique. They give you some incentives and take away your money. Also, after sending the payment to the seller, don’t forget to click on “Paid button”

The same way you can withdraw/Sell BTC to eBay Gift Card
For selling BTC in exchange to eBay Gift Card, you need to click on sell button in Paxful and see the available options. You can sell to the suitable seller. If you have BTC that are outside Paxful, you can deposit them easily to Paxful. After depositing, you can sell to hundreds of sellers that are avaialbe online.
If you want to explore other P2P exchanges as well, please click “Crypto Exchanges” section in our site’s menu and you can find other P2P exchanges.

We hope that this article has helped you in buying BTC online using eBay Gift Card. Happy Trading!

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